Zhangjiagang Aier Environmental Protection Engeering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, has 10,000 ㎡ standard workshop, modern officebuilding and 40 million fixed assets. We are not only an environmental protection equipment manufacturing company but also a comprehensive environmental protection project contractors, which combined the service of technical development and productdesign, equipment manufacture, construction and installation, product sales and after sale.
2700 PCS (6*40HQ) Air Filters For Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filtration System

2700 PCS (6*40HQ) Air Filters For Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filtration System[]


2700pcs (6*40HQ)Air Filters For Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filtration SystemOwner Designated Brand--AIER2,700 filter elements were divided into 6 containers and sent to Kuwait. I have been an old customer who has been cooperating for many years. The filter element is used in gas turbine power plants.

2020 Annual Commendation Conference For Aier

2020 Annual Commendation Conference For Aier[]


Aier's 2020 commendation meeting was held as scheduled on January 21, 2021. All employees took a group photo in front of the office building.General Manager Kang Ge Liu Liyan gave a speech, looking back on the past and summing up experience. Mr. Liu thanked all Aier employees for being in the same boat, and colleagues of Aier were grateful to Mr. Liu for his careful cultivation and leadership. In 2021, riding the wind and waves will be inseparable from the discerning helmsman. In 2021, the dream will set sail here!Outstanding Staff Award:Outstanding Project Award:Best Learning Award:Ten Year Dedication Award:New journey, new starting point, we believe that the future is more exciting than history, let us follow the pace of the times with firm steps, ride the wind and waves, and set sail!:

Aier Supports Two Grain and Oil Giants---ADM and Cargill

Aier Supports Two Grain and Oil Giants---ADM and Cargill[]


American ADM (Archer Daniels Midland), American Bunge, American Cargill and French Louis Dreyfus (Louis Dreyfus) are world leaders in grain and oil trade and processing , Known as the world's four largest grain merchants "ABCD".We provide dust removal and VOC control systems for the world-renowned grain and oil brand ADM Cargill's factories in China, which fully affirms Aier's company strength. Aier provides services for the world's top industries with professional technology, excellent quality and perfect after-sales service.

340 Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filters Transported to Shanghai Port

340 Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filters Transported to Shanghai Port[]


The number of filters is 340. These are filters used for gas turbine. Many filter materials on the market have insufficient filtration accuracy, which shortens the service life of gas turbines, but we will not. We have our own patented filter material, which not only guarantees the filtration accuracy but also the air permeability.

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Aier is an environmental protection equipment company which combines the services including R&D, design, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation and after sales service.
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