Zhangjiagang Aier Environmental Protection Engeering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, has 10,000 ㎡ standard workshop, modern officebuilding and 40 million fixed assets. We are not only an environmental protection equipment manufacturing company but also a comprehensive environmental protection project contractors, which combined the service of technical development and productdesign, equipment manufacture, construction and installation, product sales and after sale.
The Installation For Cai Hong Group

The Installation For Cai Hong Group[]


The mechanical installation of the first phase of the project is nearing completion, and electrical commissioning is started, which is in line with the overall progress requirements of the first phase of the owner.Providing mature, widely used, and highly reliable equipment with low energy consumption, low noise, good effect, and air leakage rate and vibration, all of which meet or exceed the requirements of this technical condition and the corresponding national standards. And stability, qualified products and configurations, and provide equipment supply, equipment commissioning, technical guidance, technical training and equipment after-sales service.

Welding Standard Display

Welding Standard Display[]


We show you about our welding processes and welding details: stainless steel argon arc welding  and carbon steel gas shielded welding.Our workshop welding is very strict and strictly implemented according to the welding standards on the exhibition stand. We not only need to ensure the quality of the machine, but also to ensure the aesthetics of the machine.Our company has always adhered to the principle  excellence in manufacturing processes.

The Installation On The Scene For PeterLacke

The Installation On The Scene For PeterLacke[]


We designed the whole dust removal system to replace their original unreasonable dust removal system for Peter Lacke, a well-known company in the coatings industry. Our professional project team guided the installation of the entire project on site and spent a week to make the system run perfectly.Our efficient and professional service has won the appreciation from Peter Lacke.

The Retrofit For Dust Removal System Of Wacker Chemie AG

The Retrofit For Dust Removal System Of Wacker Chemie AG[]


Due to the lack of air volume of the original dust removal equipment,the effect is not good.We reformed original dust collector of Wacker Chemical (ZHANG JIA GANG) for these problems, and added a new dust collector AR-CH4-16 for collection and filtration.The end user acceptance according to emission standards.

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The company insists on "integrity management, customer first" to meet the needs of customers and continuously innovate and develop, making products become cost-effective and high-precision. Join hands with technical and technical experts within and outside the company The collective wisdom of the backbone, research and development of more complete products.
Aier is an environmental protection equipment company which combines the services including R&D, design, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation and after sales service.
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