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  • 09-25

    Provide Dust Removal System For Coating Industry

    PPG is the expansion of paint and powder workshops in the coating industry, central dust removal and exhaust gas treatment equipmentDC-A central dust removal device designed to handle air volume 30000m3/h AR-AH4-48 1 unitDC-B activated carbon adsorption device is designed to handle air volume 5000m3/h 1 setDC-C central dust removal device designed to handle air volume 30000m3/h AR-AH4-48 1 unit
  • 09-10

    It Is The Day Of The Aier Group

    On the eve of Valentine's Day in 2020, it is the Day of the Aier Group!In the hot summer, cicadas and birds sing, the shade of green shades the sun, and is thriving. Al is also growing enthusiastically this summer. Instructed by Mr. Liu, and the personnel department paid a diligent visit to the procurement, Aier Group’s establishment date was set at "Fanshe", and all office colleagues actively participated.
  • 08-22

    Coming From Dreams, Aier Helps The 21st China World Expo

    Founded in 2005, Aier Environmental Protection is a comprehensive environmental protection engineering company integrating design and development, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation, product sales and after-sales service. The company is composed of four major business segments, namely the Waste Gas Treatment Division and VOC Governance Division, Industrial Dust Removal Division, Spare Parts Division.On August 13, 2020, Ms. Liu Liyan, together with the sales team and the elite technical teams of the four major business divisions, assisted the 21st World Expo, making professional visitors stop and exchange, fully exchange technical experience, and won deep approval from professional engineers.China Central Television---Ingenuity column group specially interviewed Ms. Liu Liyan. As a professional environmental protection person, Ms. Liu Liyan has worked hard and diligently for more than ten years, and has achieved the ultimate in professionalism and ingenuity.
  • 08-19

    Aier Spare Parts Division provides 1,380 filter cartridges for state-owned shipyards

    The Spare Parts Division serves the top three business divisions. Relying on the accumulation of rich experience in the industry for more than ten years, Aier now has a diversified "filter library" that adapts to different working conditions, and has long been recognized by the owners in the industrial dust removal industry.   The shipyard project is proceeding very smoothly, and the support and trust of the owner is our greatest affirmation.
  • 08-11

    1602 cartridges are divided to two parts transported to RiZhao Shandong

    1602 cartridges are divided to two parts transported to RiZhao in Shandong  .We have coorperated with YingDe for many times in a year.We will continue to ship the production for any other YinDe in China.Please follow us.
  • 07-31

    2 Bag Dust Collectors Sent To The Project Site

    2 bag dust collectors sent to the project siteModel:AR-BH-238  It took 2 days on the road to arrive at the project site and install in time.
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