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  • 07-22

    523 Dust Filter Cartridges Exported To Chile

    523 dust filter cartridges were exported to Chile through Shanghai port.Chilean customers trust our products.We have been their qualified supplier for three years.
  • 07-01


    Fifteen years of forging ahead, deepening reforms with innovation, in response to the tide of environmental protection, to emerge from the world. There is a team that has worked hard together for fifteen years to overcome the difficulties with courage, go hand in hand in a contest, and move forward fearlessly. There is a red heart, consistent for fifteen years, sincerely warming people's hearts, beating in a changing environment, never shaken!
  • 06-20

    1600 Cartridges Transported To NeiMeng

    1600 cartridges are divided to two parts transported to NeiMeng.We have coorperated with YingDe for many times in a year.We will continue to ship the production for any other YinDe in China.Please follow us.
  • 06-09

    Operation Tracking Of The First Hazardous Waste Enterprise That Successfully Used The Baking Soda Dry Deacidification

    On June 4, 2020, Ms Lily, General Manager of Aier Environmental Protection, and his team returned to Huai'an Hazardous Waste Factory, which was the first enterprise in the domestic hazardous waste industry to successfully use sodium bicarbonate for desulfurization.This project replaces the slaked lime dry method with baking soda dry method, and reduces the amount of lye, and undertakes 50% load deacidification. For more than half a year, the baking soda dry process system has been operating well, and the sulfur and chlorine indicators have reached ultra-low emission requirements, and there has never been a clogging phenomenon, which has greatly reduced the pressure of on-site maintenance and maintenance. At the same time, due to the reduction in the amount of lye, the wet process And the pressure of the three-effect evaporation at the back end is significantly reduced, and the corrosion problem is also significantly improved.For the solutions and products provided by Air, the general manager of the owner Cheng Cheng expressed high praise and sincere thanks. The baking soda method not only brings environmental protection compliance, easy maintenance, and stable operation, but also brings huge economic value.
  • 05-23

    The Collector ​Exported To Colombia

    The global epidemic situation improved, and Aier shipped to Colombia.The model:AR-CH4-16   The rate capacity:10000m³/h
  • 05-12

    Johnson Matthey Project Site

    This project is located in Xiaoyangjiang International Chemical Industrial Park, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province. According to relevant information provided by the buyer, Iine7 waste gas sources are the corresponding 2 sets of dryers, laboratory waste gas, chemical room waste gas, barrel waste gas, two sets of dust removal Exhaust gas. The main pollutant is acetic acid, and the source of waste gas is the corresponding 2 sets of dryer. The main pollutant is ammonia. The treatment process adopts spray absorption. Design The equipment is changed to strictly implement the current national and local norms and standards to meet fire, shock, noise Requirements, pay attention to environmental protection and production safety and hygiene. To meet the requirements of the process flow, reasonable distribution of stomach, convenient production management.
The company insists on "integrity management, customer first" to meet the needs of customers and continuously innovate and develop, making products become cost-effective and high-precision. Join hands with technical and technical experts within and outside the company The collective wisdom of the backbone, research and development of more complete products.
Aier is an environmental protection equipment company which combines the services including R&D, design, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation and after sales service.
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