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  • 03-09

    Celebrating International Women's Day On 8th March

    8th March , the annual International Women's Day, a festival dedicated to women. However, on March 8, 2020, it became different because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic; Ai Er environmental organized a short and meaningful "March 8th" International Working Women's Day to make female employees have a special and meaningful Flower arrangement handmade activities.At the event, the colors are gorgeous and the flowers are full of fragrance. The florist first provided professional counseling on flower arrangement, color matching, etc., and then carried out flower arrangement guidance, letting everyone learn how to decorate their work and living environment through flower arrangement, embellish the beauty of life, and let art and humanities , In their work and life more brilliant colors.
  • 03-03

    1200pcs Air Filters For Yingde Gas Air Inlet Filtration

    We supply inlet filter cartridges for many of Yingde's factories in China. You could see much cartridges with yellow sealing ring on the pictures and we had provided this type for many times. 
  • 02-24

    Dust Filter Cartridges Exported To Chile

    Aier fully resumes production to ensure delivery at home and abroad.
  • 01-31

    Pray For Wuhan China

    The main epidemic situation is only in Wuhan, which is under control.The government is actively taking many measures to deal with it.Other cities have little impact. I believe it will be restored soon.China is determined and capable of winning the battle against the coronavirus. We all take it seriously and follow the government's instructions to contain the spread of the virus.
  • 01-14

    Cartridges Exported To Japan

    When the Spring Festival is coming, we exported a batch of filter cartridges to Japan.
  • 01-03

    Company Annual Meeting For 2020 ----- The Tour Of Wuyi Mountain

     AIER Annual Party And Travel in WUYI Mountain .All of our employees and their families participated in the party, with awards, singing competitions, performances, games, etc.Thanks for AIER. We will meet new challenges with enthusiasm.
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