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CharacteristicsDesigned for:airFiltration element:cartridgeDescriptionProduct Features:1. Standard plate more advance by different specifications pleated filter turmoil of the mesh composition, crisscross placed in the box, reduce mesh gap, better filter2. For the environment of high temperature resistant to acid and alkali or, can choose stainless steel frame and stainless steel twists nets production3. Products high air volume, small resistance, can repeat cleaning, service life long characteristicsApplication area:Application to central air conditioning except lampblack machine and primary filtration, special acid and alkali resistant or high temperature resistant ventilation filteringCustom design acceptable: According to your demand , tailor made to close for your products

We can provide a variety of specification for your installation method.We can supply a variety of filter materials for your woring conditions.Fulter Media:PETPET+PTFEPET+Anti-staticPET+Flame Retardant+PTFEPET+Anti-static+Flame Retardant+PTFEPET+NanofiberPET+Anti-static+NanofiberApplication:Electronic IndustryTire IndustryMasterbatch IndustryBaterry IndustryMining MachinerySteel StructureCement IndustryCar ManufacturerMetal ProcessingSteel IndustryShipyard

Description: Suitable for powder spraying, sand blasting, pigment industry, wood processing filtration.  1. The imported long-fibre polyester filter materials and fibers are interlaced and evenly distributed.  2. It has good wear resistance and can withstand the pulse back-blowing of air flow better than the traditional filter material. 

Developed to replace traditional filter bags and cages, each pleated bag filter has a one-piece construction design which allows it to be used in new systems or as a simple retrofit in existing bag house equipment for improved system performance.Pleated bag filters offer more filtration media than traditional felt bags increasing the filtration surface area and thus the filtration capacity. With up to 2-3 times the filter life over traditional 16 oz. polyester felt bags, pleated bag filters provide almost twice as much filtration area in existing equipment due to increased media in the pleat pack design.Features:(1) World famous brand filter media: 100% spun bond polyester Smooth surface of filters.(2) Highest filter efficiency more than 99.99% Proper number of pleats, wide and rigid pleats Large Length-to-OD ratio.(3) Offers excellent dust release Incorporate design according to requirements Various installation options available.(4) Airtight gasket accessories available Applications in many temperatures 

Imported PTFE Filter CartridgeMaterial:PTFEModel:φ80*200  For dust removal

Square cover nano flame retardant filter cartridgeMaterial:Nano flame retardantModel:406*362*φ324*1000Suitable for dust removal

Black / White Polyester CartridgeFiltration accuracy:5μmModel:180*10000Filter cartridge suitable for dust removal

Compact equipment forl ower costs.Reduced by over 20% compared to existing facilities.High efficiency dust collector with same investment cost. Reduction of ID fan power costs due to differential pressure drop. Wide filtration area and improved dust collection efficiency.Easy to remove/install due to short length. Effective pulsing with low pressure.Reduces dust recoil with along pulsing cycle.Stable operation with low different pressure. PPS ----- Continuous operating temperature:160℃      Instantaneous temperature:190℃.Nomex -----Continuous operating temperature:180℃    Instantaneous temperature:200℃.

The company insists on "integrity management, customer first" to meet the needs of customers and continuously innovate and develop, making products become cost-effective and high-precision. Join hands with technical and technical experts within and outside the company The collective wisdom of the backbone, research and development of more complete products.
Aier is an environmental protection equipment company which combines the services including R&D, design, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation and after sales service.
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