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CharacteristicsTechnology:cartridgeBackflushing:pulse-jet backflowOther characteristics:modular, for the food industry, for the pharmaceutical industryOutput:Max.: 86,616 m³/h (3,058,815 ft³/h)Min.: 2,250 m³/h (79,458 ft³/h)DescriptionAR-CH cartridge dust collector use filter cartridge as core filter element, and use pulse jet mode as dust clean method. Performance feature:1.Unique down-flow type flow field design, conducive to cleaning the dust adhered to the filter cartridges; 2.Modular structure, easy to combine the modular to meet the required air volume. 3.Large air flow filter cartridge, effectively reduce the size and area of dust collector. 4.Low running resistance, significant energy saving of dust collector system. 5.Safer, simpler, faster dust collector repair and filter cartridge replacement, equipment downtime shortens.

CharacteristicsTechnology:bagOther characteristics:modularOutput:Max.: 28,000 m³/h (988,811 ft³/h)Min.: 3,600 m³/h (127,133 ft³/h)DescriptionAR - XBH pleated bag dust collector use new type pleated bag as the core filter element. Comparing to traditional bag dust collector,the size of the dust collector can be reduce at least 40% under the same filter area.Performance feature:1. Modular design, convenient installation; 2. Compared with traditional bag dust collector, using pleated bag can reduce equipment's volume, sharply reduce area, solve the problem of limited installation space.3. Unique design can substantially reduce the count of filter bag, significantly reduces the equipment running and maintenance costs.

CharacteristicsTechnology:bagBackflushing:pulse-jet backflowOther characteristics:modular, high-pressureOutput:Max.: 9,300 m³/h (328,426 ft³/h)Min.: 1,200 m³/h (42,378 ft³/h)DescriptionAR - RD round bag dust collector use filter bag as core filter element, and adopt the most compressive circular structure design.Performance feature:1. High pressure withstanding ability, meet the requirement of high pressure conveying condition;2. Combined two advantages of air inlet with cyclone structure design and bag filter, the equipment’s dust removal efficiency is higher;3. Rich configuration, add different automation components to reach different control requirements of the system; 4. Modular design, convenient installation5.Rich configuration, add different automation components to reach different control requirements of the system; 6.It can be applied to the field of high temperature and high dust concentration working condition, which not fit for cartridge dust collector.

CharacteristicsTechnology:filterBackflushing:pneumatic backblowingOther characteristics:self-cleaningDescriptionAR - ZJ Self cleaning filter is a device used for front-end filtration of air powered equipment, which can effectively maintain the cleanness of equipment 's rotor. Performance Feature:1.The air filter elements can be grouped and automatically cleaned, meanwhile other filter elements work as usual.2.Imported filter material is used in the filter element, compared with traditional filter material, because this filter material contains polyester fiber, the filter cartridge has high moisture resistance ability and dust is hard to adhere to its surface; Keep the self-cleaning filter in the running condition of low resistance.3.High degree of automation, use imported component as core control component to enable unmanned operation. 4.Air consumption of back blowing is low, generally 0.1 ~ 0.6 m³/min (suction status). Back blowing pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa. 5.Reasonable design, no elbow design, high-rise modular combination, convenient and fast installation.

CharacteristicsTechnology:filterOther characteristics:modular, high-efficiencyOutput:Max.: 30,000 m³/h (1,059,440 ft³/h)Min.: 5,000 m³/h (176,573 ft³/h)DescriptionAR - SP sintered plate dust collector is the fruit of the technological cooperation between Nittetsu Mining and our cooperation. This dust collector uses sintered plate as the core filter element, has the distinguishing features of dramatic high filtration efficiency, ultra-long service life and nearly non-maintenance. Integrated sintering molding, external size of 1047mm (long) x63mm (thick) x1550mm (high). Its surface area is up to 9m², equivalent to 12 GB JMC Type Dust Filter bag surface area.86

CharacteristicsTechnology:bagBackflushing:pneumatic backblowingOther characteristics:for the food industry, for minesOutput:Max.: 9,000 m³/h (317,832 ft³/h)Min.: 750 m³/h (26,486 ft³/h)DescriptionAR-CD Bin roof dust collector is used for bin exhaust.Round filter bags, pleated filter bags, filter cartridges can be used as filter elements.Performance feature:1. Small volume, small footprint, effectively save the space;2. Low running resistance, significant energy saving.3. Adjustable pulse back blow, pressure difference display4. According to site condition, adopt different installation methods of filtering component.

CharacteristicsMobility:mobileApplications:weldingFilter type:cartridgeOther characteristics:dustDescriptionMovable welding fume dust collector is professionally used for purifying the smoke, dust particles and oil mist generated by the welding and polishing and grinding process. Application: It is widely used in the industries such as automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing, maintenance workshop and so on.

We can provide a variety of specification for your installation method.We can supply a variety of filter materials for your woring conditions.Fulter Media:PETPET+PTFEPET+Anti-staticPET+Flame Retardant+PTFEPET+Anti-static+Flame Retardant+PTFEPET+NanofiberPET+Anti-static+NanofiberApplication:Electronic IndustryTire IndustryMasterbatch IndustryBaterry IndustryMining MachinerySteel StructureCement IndustryCar ManufacturerMetal ProcessingSteel IndustryShipyard

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