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CharacteristicsDesigned for:airFiltration element:pocketOther characteristics:high-capacityDescription1. Standard pleated more plait the filter2. More resistant material selection box type high moisture industrial cardboard or aluminum frame, cardboard frame filter can reduce the cost3. Barbed wire fixed filter material is linear plait shape structure, has the very high dust capacity4. Filter material and outer frame seal connections, prevent air leakage phenomenonApplications area: The office, shopping mall, stadium, and the airport, general industrial workshop, clean room of air distribution system on the filter

CharacteristicsDesigned for:airFiltration element:bagOther characteristics:high-performanceDescriptionProduct Features:1.The new type composite nonwoven cloth and imported synthetic fiber and coating to fill strong forming filter material.2.The pocket modelling, match with all kinds of the casing outside the metal, the main block large particles of dust particles.3.Already through the third party authority VTT test.4.Has the filter has big filter area, let the large amount of dust, low resistance, etc.

CharacteristicsDesigned for:airDescriptionProduct FeaturesIt is used patent technology to ensure the fully use of v-type passageThe frame is extruded and anodized aluminiumUsing the special seamless sealing technology ,the effect is lasting for a long time ,make sure the best average air flow.Anti-aging technology ,not changeable form ,a low resistance and long life span.Application :Used for clean roomCustom design acceptable: According to your demand , tailor made to close for your products

CharacteristicsDesigned for:airFiltration element:cartridgeOther characteristics:compactDescription1. Quality configuration:1.Accept resistance to high humidity glass fiber filter paper2. Aluminum foil board space, corrugated type paper clapboard or aluminum clapboard, ensure that filter paper spacing3. Filters are made of the special seal around, ensure sealingApplications: Suitable for high humidity atmospheric environment, Especially medicine industry production environment humidity etc infusion, as highly efficient filter the filter.

CharacteristicsDesigned for:airFiltration element:cartridgeDescriptionProduct Features:1. Standard plate more advance by different specifications pleated filter turmoil of the mesh composition, crisscross placed in the box, reduce mesh gap, better filter2. For the environment of high temperature resistant to acid and alkali or, can choose stainless steel frame and stainless steel twists nets production3. Products high air volume, small resistance, can repeat cleaning, service life long characteristicsApplication area:Application to central air conditioning except lampblack machine and primary filtration, special acid and alkali resistant or high temperature resistant ventilation filteringCustom design acceptable: According to your demand , tailor made to close for your products

The company insists on "integrity management, customer first" to meet the needs of customers and continuously innovate and develop, making products become cost-effective and high-precision. Join hands with technical and technical experts within and outside the company The collective wisdom of the backbone, research and development of more complete products.
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